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We are a "fee for service" dental practice. We thank you for paying for treatment on the day that services are rendered to you. If you are covered by Delta Dental Premier or Delta DMIC (PPO & Premier), Blue Cross Blue Shield Indemnity, Altus Dental, Cigna PPO or United Concordia Elite, we will file an insurance claim for payment directly to us. For all other insurance coverage, we ask you pay us at the time of service. We will then file a claim to your insurance for reimbursement to you.

If you have any questions, please speak with our Billing Department at your visit or call (508) 655-0818.

Arrangements Concerning Fillings

If your child is diagnosed with a cavity, the material used for a filling will be either resin (tooth-colored) or amalgam (silver). We charge the same for an amalgam and a resin fillings, however your insurance company may not pay for a resin filling at the same level as amalgam or in some cases will not pay at all for resin fillings. Resin fillings are not a covered expense for Delta Dental Plan and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Even if your insurance plan will pay for the resin filling at the amalgam rate, there will still be a significant co-payment due to contractual constraints imposed upon us. This co-payment is the member’s responsibility! All plans are different, and it is very important, if finances are a concern, to file a pre-treatment estimate with your insurance. We will be happy to do that for you at your request. A phone call to your insurance may not give you an accurate answer.

Arrangements Concerning Nitrous Oxide

Administration of nitrous oxide is not a covered service by any insurance company. Thank you for paying for this procedure on the date of service.

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